Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting on track

Ok...this past weekend was crazy busy.  And a bit disappointing I might add.  :(   So, I have decided to change my challenge.  I don't want to be benched and forgot about again so I'm reving up my workout and trying to figure out how to be on my skates more. 

My challenge has changed from BBL to Insanity: Asylum.  This came in the mail earlier and I tell you what!  This stuff is NO joke!  Shaun T makes you WORK for it.

I have already been getting so many compliments from doing the BBL...I can only imagine what Asylum will do.  I am going to continue BBL in the evenings 3 days a week.  But, my morning focus will be Asylum...I am going to follow the calendar as Shaun T wrote it.

I am going to transform my body into something that will make my coach remember me so I don't have to sit on the bench most of the game next time...I have three weeks Shaun T!!!!!   I know your gonna help me make it happen!  :) 

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